keep calm & ride on

Celine, 16, Equestrian, Ontario



More moments from LA Masters. Yes that’s right it’s carpeting in the stabling area. The horses were stabled 3 floors down in the temperature controlled parking garages. An under iron cam was rigged up for the guys at RePlayXD, pretty cool. Not sure how many of you know that my trainer is also a professional race car driver? Walking the course is always fun because he sees angles I can’t. I really like the photo with my trainer and Kent Farrington who was there to train his client Hillary McNerney. A good reminder that even trainers get anxious too. Both are working out the jump off and watching how the course goes.  Irony is we came in 1, 2. Hillary won the class. 

Photo credit Bret St. Clair

(via firstplaceponies)